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A Maldives Adventure

After a roller coaster year, Sandy and Anne decide that they need a holiday. Nothing quite goes to plan however, and things start to go wrong even before they have boarded their flight. Nevertheless they do eventually arrive safely and discover an island full of secrets and mysterious people.

Most strange of all are the two perfect men, Paulo and Giorgio, who look like they are on holiday but keep disappearing with little or no explanation. No one in this book is quite who they seem. Will Sandy and Anne find romance on the Emperor Island Hotel? Why is everyone so secretive and behaving so strangely?

Healing Love

Healing Love Cover

Clair’s whole life has been governed and controlled by a strict religious upbringing. Her parents now have a plan for her life, but this plan does not take account of her prodigious talent for singing.

Max is wild and free. He is alive and out of control. Max lives for the moment and lets nothing hold him back.

The lives of these two completely different young people collide with unexpected consequences and eventually with tragedy. Can love heal the pain of broken memories?