Colour Blindness Book

Some Books take a long time to write. This book has taken the longest. I have been meaning to write it for most of my adult life as it is a subject very close to my heart.

Colour Blindness Book

Colour Blindness - The Unwritten Code is written for parents who have just been told that their child is colour blind. As someone who is colour blind I know the day to day difficulties that this can bring up. From understanding traffic signals to painting pictures in the school art lesson.

The aim of the book is to both educate and help parents with their children. You will also learn that being colour blind is not a barrier to living a full and normal life.

Here is an excerpt from the second chapter.

Colour blindness is something that I know a lot about because I am colour blind myself. Colour blindness runs in my family. My father was colour blind and my son is colour blind. Many people still think that girls can’t be colour blind but I am living proof that both males and females can be colour blind.

I still remember the shock and disbelief that my parents had when I was very young. I was their first born and they had no expectation that I would be born with this ‘problem’, as they then saw it. I also remember the lack of knowledge and information that was available to my parents as they wrestled with the reality that I was colour blind.

In those days there was no internet. There were no general computers for everyone to use. It was the early 1950s – there was no Google. There was no simple way to find answers to my parents’ questions. All the information was held in books and in the minds of medical experts. These experts were not easily accessible.

However, my father was a resourceful man. He and my mother needed answers. You see, my father already knew the reality of colour blindness as he himself was colour blind. However, it didn’t explain why I was colour blind, because I was a girl and girls couldn’t be colour blind – or could they?

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