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Healing Love Cover

The big news is that my 60 minute Romance series has now expanded to five books. All the existing four books have been vastly rewritten and enlarged.

There is also a brand new title which has just been published called "The Absent Bridegroom". If you have read the series so far I won't spoil the fun by giving away his identity - although you can probably guess!

The new series title is "Sandy Wrighton & Friends". This reflects the importance of the character Sandy throughout the series. She is also the person many readers love the most.

I am currently deciding whether to extend the series or write about someone new. Some existing characters have their own stories that I would love to work through. ​Clair's friend Jo Garner, Maisie and Henry, plus of course, what did happen to Max and Clair and did they ever get married?

The full Sandy Wrighton & Friends series is as follows

Book 1 – Healing Love

Book 2 – A Maldives Adventure

Book 3 – For The Love Of Music

Book 4 – The Victorian Welsh Dolls Mystery

Book 5 – The Absent Bridegroom - Published 21st November 2016

All titles will be available in print and on Kindle from Amazon stores worldwide. The covers have also had a full makeover thanks to my new cover designer Annie.

For The Love of Music Cover
A Maldives Adventure Cover
Naomi Davies

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