Love in the Maldives

Love in the maldives coverLove in the Maldives is the first book in the Sixty Minute Romance Series

A romantic novella set in the sunshine and the splendour of a Maldivian island. A holiday Romance where no one is quite who they sat they are. Follow the flight from London to the magnificent holiday island that Sandra and her best friend Anne take. This tropical paradise was made for romance.

Description from back cover of the print edition.

Sandra Wrighton was having a bad year. This included breaking up with her boyfriend after catching him in bed with someone else, and losing her job. Her solution was to go on a fabulous, all inclusive holiday to the Maldives with her best friend.

Even before she took the flight from Heathrow, she was hoping to meet a nice guy for some holiday romance and a bit of fun. The reality was far more unexpected and exhilarating.

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Naomi Davies

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