Love’s Dilemma

The fourth novella in the Sixty Minute Romance series.

Love's Dilemma

This novella is 25,000 words long.

Clair’s whole life has been governed and controlled by a strict religious upbringing. She lives by a set of rules that she had no part in making. Clair also has a prodigious talent. She can sing like an angel. Her singing leads her to meet Max who is wild and free. He is alive and out of control. Max lives for the moment and has nothing holding him back. This unlikely couple are immediately attracted to each other.

They begin to find a deep mutual affection before disaster strikes. Suddenly rules and restrictions do not matter anymore. Doing the right thing is irrelevant. What matters most is that Max lives…

If you like your love and passion hinted at, rather than explicitly thrown in your face, then you will love this book.

Note: This novella is a prequel to the previous three books.

Plot disclosing information from this point on. Read the books first! Unless of course you can’t help yourself.

In Love In The Maldives we find Anne and Sandy waiting at Heathrow airport to go on holiday. This is the same day as the last day of Love’s Dilemma. In Love In The Maldives we learn that three things have happened to ruin Sandy’s year thus far. She loses her job, she finds her boyfriend in bed with his ex. And then there is the event that happens in Love’s Dilemma. You will get a lot more background information about Sandy in particular. You also meet the wonderful Clair, the heroine of this book.

Naomi Davies

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