The Welsh Victorian Dolls Mystery

Where Love Blossoms in the Midst of Danger

DollsCoverThe Third Novella in the Sixty Minute Romance Series

Fiona Makin loved her little antique shop. It was in a sleepy English village and it was her whole life. There was no room, or time, for love in Fiona’s life. She was far too busy. That was until she was saved from being run over by a car. Her rescuer was the mysterious William Ayres. He pretended to be interested in Victorian Welsh Dolls, but he wasn’t. He was enigmatic, evasive and always in the midst of trouble. This quickly became a major problem for him, because he had fallen in love at first sight with Fiona. How could he win her heart over?








Music and dance moves featured in the Paris hotel scene.

Naomi Davies

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